Quality Signs and Signage: Van Graphics, Truck Graphics and Car Graphics.

We transfer every detail of your Corporate Brand Guidelines into your signs and signage. We offer a sign design, sign making, sign installation, sign maintenance and sign removal service. We are specialists in signs and signage for van graphics, truck graphics, and car graphics. Need a shop sign or office sign? 

Sign Service

We listen to your signs and signage needs. We are an experienced sign service. From a sign design, signs and signage auditing and health and safety risk assessment, through to sign making and sign installation, we keep to budget and deliver on time.
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Sign Design
Creativity in sign design thrives in our team of graphic designers. If you have a sign design or corporate brand guidelines for the signs and signage you need doing, we can get straight into sign making. If you don't have a sign design, we can do a sign design your van graphics, truck graphics, car graphics, or a sign design your shop sign or office sign. Our qualified designers charge $120+ Gst p/h  but this fee maybe credited back dependent on the size of the fleet you require sign written
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Sign Making
We match our signs and signage products to suit your sign making requirements, meaning you always get the best signs and signage result. Whether you need large truck graphics or small car graphics, our sign making always produces quality signs and signage.
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Sign Installation
We're different from other sign shops – Onsite Signs comes to your fleet to install your signs and signage. Our sign installation is around New Zealand – Auckland, Whangarei, Wellington, Christchurch, anywhere in NZ – all with the same team of signwriters ensuring signs and signage consistency.

Our mobile sign shops means your shop sign, office sign, truck graphics, van graphics and car graphics can be done quickly and to a high standard. Vehicles only need to come off the road once, and this means greatly reduced vehicle downtime. Any unusual vehicles or a sign design query is sent directly back to the graphic designer or client, who can approve, edit or upload designs to our signwriters.

We understand the importance of health and safety measures to your company, and our signwriters pride themselves on doing sign installation to our high standards.
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Sign Maintenance and Sign Cleaning

Need sign maintenance or sign cleaning? Our signwriters can repair, fix and clean your signs and signage on a regular basis.
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Decal Removal, Sign Removal and Sign Recycling

Our signs and signage decal removal, sign removal and sign recycling solutions may be for you! If you're selling, purchasing, at the end of a lease, going through a rebrand, or shifting premises. We use remove or recycle shop signs, office signs, truck graphics, van graphics and car graphics with minimal or no damage to existing surfaces.
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  • Clinton Sanford - PARTNER Baldry + Sanford Chartered Accountants

    We recently engaged Imajeo Media Group to sign-write our new premises in Orewa. Imajeo worked to our tight deadline and quality standard to deliver a result which we are very pleased with.

  • Alison Gill - CEO eden fx group - A New World of Recruitment

    I required a local urgent one off job however as a result of the service provided by Henoch, all of my printing and signwriting is dealt with by Imajeo – well done!

  • Steve Dickinson - EDITOR Ski & Snow Magazine

    Within a few days we received exactly what we had asked for – clean, crisp, effective signage with a simple and clear message.

  • Sue van Schreven - CEO Orphans Aid International

    We have been incredibly thankful for the assistance the Imajeo team have given us. They have constantly outdone our expectations. Often with short time frames they have always maintained a professional response.

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