• Fully Branded Test Vehicle

    Transpacific Industries Group

    Fully Branded Test Vehicle

    Waste Management New Zealand were considering rolling out a new look design for their many vehicles. We were commissioned to create a design and apply it onto an actual test vehicle. This was a one-off concept vehicle.

  • Concept Design

    Transpacific Industries Group

    Concept Design

    This is an image we engineered to communicate how the new signage design would have looked. This shows just what we can do so that clients can visualise how a design will look in the real world.

  • ERS Sales Vehicle

    Transpacific Industries Group

    ERS Sales Vehicle

    ERS wanted a fresh look and fresh approach to their sales vehicles. Using digital print we were able to showcase their products on the vehicle, making it a moving billboard.

  • South Island Delivery Vehicle

    Transpacific Industries Group

    South Island Delivery Vehicle

    Following on from the success of the ERS Sales Vehicle, ERS requested we translate the strategy onto the length of an 8 metre truck body, whilst keeping costs low. The results speak for themselves. Signage was applied in Christchurch.

  • Plinth Directional Signage

    Transpacific Industries Group

    Plinth Directional Signage

    The Transpacific Head Office required an updated plinth sign with their divisions.

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