• Vehicle Signage

    Transpacific Industrial Solutions

    Vehicle Signage

    One of the challenges of this contract was that the speed in which the client had expanded through acquisitions. This made it difficult to audit plant items as they were always on the move.

  • Truck Signage

    Transpacific Industrial Solutions

    Truck Signage

    The vehicles ranged vastly is size and type. Many required extensive signage removal also of old brands from previous companies.

  • Nationwide Solution

    Transpacific Industrial Solutions

    Nationwide Solution

    Our installers, applicators and designers worked around the clock to reduce plant downtime for Transpacific Industrial Solutions. Vehicles were never off the road during standard operation hours.

  • Fleet Signage

    Transpacific Industrial Solutions

    Fleet Signage

    Shown above are only 25 of the total 140 vehicles we branded. Our onsite system meant signage could be installed on vehicles in all 12 centres around New Zealand.

  • Custom Designed

    Transpacific Industrial Solutions

    Custom Designed

    Due to the vast variety in vehicle types, our applicators emailed the designers, who instantly were able to provide individual custom designs for each vehicle as it was required.

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