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We’ll create the best sign for your needs. Sign Shop is all about variety and quality. Our product range is as limitless as your imagination. Whatever your project, we’ll deliver the best result.

Sign Advice – pick up the phone and talk to one of our qualified experts. We’ll help you decide what you need. Signage can be complicated, and there are many factors to consider – size and readability, colours and contrast, materials, location and environment, lighting, proposed installation method, the list goes on. Our experience means we offer advice you can rely on. We can also point you in the right direction with regards to council bylaws and resource consent.

Signage Design – We believe that you get what you pay for when it comes to sign design. Our qualified graphic designers are $120 + Gst p/h  but will come up with a design that’s not only eye-catching but will appeal to your target market, create an emotional response and get you the visibility you need. The difference between a boring sign and one that stands out and inspires action comes down to design – it’s a vitally important part of the process. Leave it to our experts and we’ll make sure your signage reaches its maximum potential.
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Sign Production – we don’t cut corners in production. Our signs are top quality and look professional. Making a good impression to your potential customers is so important, and high quality signage makes you look your best. We ensure quality by crafting our clients’ signage in our own purpose built factory . This means we have control over every stage of your sign’s construction.
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Sign Installation – our team will install your sign and ensure it meets health and safety requirements. The Sign Shop staff are friendly, approachable, and conscious of workplace and environmental health and safety risks.
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Signage Maintenance – there’s no point investing in signage if weather damage, graffiti or wear and tear means it can’t do its job. We can maintain your sign for you, saving you the hassle and making sure your signage keeps on looking great and attracting customers.
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Site Safety - We understand the importance of health and safety measures to your company, and our signwriters pride themselves on doing sign installation to our high standards. However this always adds to the cost - check what risks your current supplier maybe putting you at.

Sign Cleaning and restoration-  Sometimes you can stretch the life of your signage by cleaning and coating your signs Our signwriters can clean and protective coat your signs and signage on a one off or regular basis.

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Decal Removal, Sign Removal and Sign Recycling

Our signs and signage decal removal, sign removal and sign recycling solutions may be for you! If you're selling, purchasing, at the end of a lease, going through a rebrand, or shifting premises. We use remove or recycle shop signs, office signs, truck graphics, van graphics and car graphics with minimal or no damage to existing surfaces.
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